InfiniBand leads Connectivity for the Top 500 Supercomputers


On the TOP500 The List of Supercomputers InfiniBand is the connectivity of choice with a deployment rate of 51.4%.  Within the TOP500, systems connected via InfiniBand grew 15.8% year-over-year from June 2014 to June 2015.  Mellanox is the InfiniBand vendor of choice for clusters and supercomputers with end to end solutions.

InfiniBand Deployment TOP500 The List

“InfiniBand continues to increase its market share in high-performance computing and beyond, and our performance-leading InfiniBand solutions now accelerate more than 50 percent of the TOP500 supercomputers list. We are excited to see EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand enter the list for the first time, showing the need to handle the growing amounts of data and be able to analyze them faster and in real-time,” said Eyal Waldman, president and CEO of Mellanox Technologies. “Mellanox is the only company to offer proven, robust and leading performance with full end-to-end 100Gb/s InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions. We expect to continue our leadership in high-performance computing, and deliver the solutions to enable current and future systems.”