With ScaleMP Large RAM Doesn’t Mean a Large Price Tag

Your researchers need access to lots of RAM, but you have a tight budget. Padova Technologies, in conjunction with ScaleMP, delivers an affordable, packaged SMP solution, aggregating the power of multiple commodity x86 servers into a larger virtual SMP. This shared-memory architecture provides enhanced performance for diverse applications like Gaussian, GAMESS, GROMACS, Velvet, Newbler, BLAST, and many others, leveraging the large compute, memory or bandwidth configurations or a combination of each.

Computational chemistry and Bioinformatics researchers have already implemented ScaleMP solutions, including Southern Methodist University and Florida University.

Solutions from Padova Technologies and ScaleMP provide:

  • Ability to run all types of HPC applications
  • Lower system management costs
  • Flexibility to choose from a variety of hardware vendors
  • Highest shared-memory capacity (up to 64TB in one system)
  • Highest compute capacity (up to 16,384 CPUs in one system)
  • Speedy system implementation
  • Ability to dynamically and cost-effectively grow your system as demands increase
  • Targeted, responsive support from a well-established software vendor, with 200+ customers worldwide

Contact us today about our customized solutions; we’ll show you how you can leverage your tight budgets and provide the RAM your researchers need.

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