High Performance Computing

Fast, Accurate High Performance Computing that Unleashes Your Brilliance

There’s no doubt that HPC can significantly improve the performance of your research and technical computing systems. More than ever, it has enabled faster product development and ground-breaking research. Today, HPC clusters put the client in the driver’s seat. With clusters, an entire HPC system can be designed to address an organization’s specific problem or need – giving a business or research institution the power and flexibility to build and run its own HPC solution at a considerable cost savings.

Setting up a cost effective HPC solution can save an organization time and money. Our HPC designs include traditional cluster models, GPU accelerated systems as well as large shared SMP memory systems. These solutions can be deployed in a datacenter, workgroup or deskside friendly environment.

The Right Partner Makes All the Difference

Choosing a solid HPC cluster partner that firmly understands the design aspects can help you avoid the pitfalls of deployment. Padova Technologies simplifies deployment by assessing your organization’s needs and infrastructure to tailor a cluster solution. Our engineers will take into account your space, power, cooling and examine your current storage networks to ensure your cluster is performing at optimal levels. Once your cluster is manufactured it will be tested and deployed on site, ready for production.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Configuration flexibility with AMD or Intel processors
  • GPGPU application acceleration using the latest in Tesla or FireStream GPUs
  • Software flexibility with Bright Cluster Manager, Linux, Rocks+ and Windows HPC
  • Highest processing density per node
  • Large memory systems utilizing scalable SMP that break through traditional memory barriers
  • Simplified, painless management of your HPC cluster
  • Built on redundant architectures for maximum uptime
  • Power efficiency that surpasses green standards and decreases costs over the life of your system
  • All major high-speed interconnects supported
  • Highly scalable expansion that won’t break the bank
  • Clustered, Workgroup and Deskside HPC available
  • Ready for production