Full Embedded Spectrum

Padova Technologies partnerships enable us to generate unique solutions using embedded technologies. These systems are a great fit for Network Security, Rugged Applications, Video Processing, Industrial Control, Medical Systems, Sensor Systems and much more.


We can engineer an ATCA solution tailored for your application. Chassis, backplanes, cards all configured within Enterprise or Rugged architectures. Various IO options available with a focus on high performance fabrics.


Our MicroTCA solutions utilize high density form factors that range from 1U up to 8U. These systems can be customized for data center or field based applications. All major networking topologies are supported. With various options for MCH/shelf managers and Power Modules.


Padova Technologies' OpenVPX / VPX solutions are designed for mission critical applications which require high-performance multi-processing, high-data-rate switch fabrics, real-time operation and sensor data processing.

Other Embedded

We provide various embeded architectures and form factors including CompactPCI, VME, FPGCA Modules, FMC Carriers, FMC Modules, A/D D/A Converters, Networking Modules and Custom Embedded Solutions.