High quality custom Enterprise systems.

Padova Technologies is a provider of integrated technology solutions and services. We provide expert consultation on datacenter ready systems; networking and security; systems and storage; cloud computing and virtualization. Our hardware agnostic approach and commitment to quality insures reliable, cost effective systems that can stand the test of time.

Cloud Computing & Virtualization

Cloud and Virtualization can help dramatically lower costs while improving the efficiency of hardware investment. Padova can provide expertise and design experience for your next distributed platform. Whether you are implementing VMware, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or a Cloud enabling platform like Hadoop.

Servers & Systems

Our systems rely on the latest technology from all the major players in the hardware market. Maximize your physical space with high density servers and blade systems. Get the data you need quickly with low latency computing. Bring quasi-cluster performance to your desktop with a high performance workstation. Better yet have us build your entire rack.

Flexible Storage

Storage comes in many shape and sizes these days. Let our expertise help to inform your projects in order to make the most of your budget. We can tailor our robust systems to your needs via Software Defined Storage, Storage Appliances, SANs, High Capacity Storage Systems and JBOD expansions.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Routine back ups can spell the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster. Let us help to implement a sensible approach to backup by utilizing traditional Tape Backups, Tape Libraries, Virtual Tape Backup, Disk to Disk Backup and Cold Storage.

System & Network Security

In light of the ever increasing need for security, Padova offers various solutions to safeguard your data and infrastructure. At the system level Trusted Platform can help mitigate risks to your systems while Security Information and Event Management solutions can give your network logs clarity. Other offerings include Specialized and Virtual Firewalls.


Padova has always stayed on the bleeding edge of performance and that includes networking. We support all of the most robust High Speed Interconnects including InfiniBand, FiberChannel and the latest Ethernet. We also support PCIE over FiberChannel for greater flexibility with sensor systems

Full Rack Integration

Complete racks delivered to your dock saving you the time and cost of self rack integration.