Rugged Systems & Storage

Padova Technologies offers rugged systems that can go where the mission goes.  Our custom rugged systems meet or exceed various military and industrial standards.  Each rackmount or stand-alone system is highly customizable and can be tailored to suit the individual project or program.  Intelligent design principles insure a powerful system with respect for the environmental size, weight and power limitations.

Padova will work within  requirements and develop a system that supports your specific applications and functionality such as firewalls, sensors, virtual private networks (VPN) and enterprise systems.


  • Redefine rugged and portable
  • Short depth systems optimized for areas where space is a premium
  • Custom OEM chassis using standard hardware from key industry leaders

Available Products

Edge Server SD1U Short Depth Rackmount
Edge Server XI1U Rackmount featuring extra IO
Edge Storage MG2U Short Depth Magazine Rackmount Storage
Edge Storage RM 3U Rackmount Storage